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get rid of belly fat with eazy slim

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lose 3 to 8cm per session

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Not only do Eazy Slim use the latest Laser Liposuction and Fat Freeze for belly fat reduction, we use unique therapies to further reduce fat and cellulite while balancing metabolic hormones
Lose 3 to 8 cm in Each Session

I want to get rid of belly fat

Client Testimonials

Nisha Dhanpat

LOst 16cm & 2.8 KG in 10 days

24yrs of belly fat from my caesarean section i’ve finally gotten rid off, thanks to the kind ladies at EASY SLIM, Vimi, Betty and Shameera helped me through this journey.

 I’ve lost 16cm and 2.8 kg in 10days. i can now work on getting my six pack back .Together with regular exercise and healthy eating, anything is possible.

The kind ladies really made me feel at home in their place of work and they were always chatting and checking up on me . their encouraging spirit to aid their client’s in reaching their goal is phenomenal.
i certainly recommend EASY SLIM. THANK YOU LADIES


LOst 7.0 KG in 30 days

I have been battling for almost a year to lose weight but everything changed when I went to Eazy Slim Clinic. At first I was a bit skeptical that I will lose at 7kgs within 30 days.

Unlike many fad diets, the eating plan and recipes were easy to prepare and the food quite enjoyable. Even the supplements that were prescribed brought my energy levels up. I am no longer fatigued but full of energy all day!

When I first started treatment, my weight was 102kg but now my weight has dropped to 87,4kg. I have lost 14,6 kg within a space of 3 months. Through professional and friendly service at Eazy Slim Clinic. I am on my way to my ideal weight.

Stubborn Belly Fat

For most people, the appearance of excess fat or flab around their midsection is a major concern.

But unfortunately, to get rid of belly fat and losing weight around our midsection is not as easy as doing crunches a few times a week. Visceral fat is the fat surrounding your organs and is the unhealthiest.
Although subcutaneous fat may be what we notice when we look in the mirror, visceral fat is most harmful.

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Why is it important to reduce visceral and belly fat.

Researchers have proved that excess fat around our organs increases the risk of metabolic diseases, including:

  • Diabetes.
  • Fatty liver disease.
  • Heart disease and elevated cholesterol.
  •  Polycystic ovary syndrome.

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Chantal Robertson

LOst 17cm & 2.0 KG in 6 days

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I couldn’t be happier with the results, not only am I down 17cm & 2kgs in 6 days but i have found a detox juice plan and meal plan that is sustainable and enjoyable…. And i have to commend every member of your team, its not often that you go somewhere where every staff member is so happy and friendly

MElissa robertse

LOst 16cm & 2.8 KG in 10 days

Over the last 2 years I have picked up almost 20kg, I have always been healthy and slim and never really needed to watch what I eat. I loved comfort food, my pastas, cakes, anything potato, oh and chocolates.

Being vegetarian was a given to eat more veggies and eating healthier alternatives to meat. And my weight use to behave.

But in the last 2 years, I have had 2 major spine surgeries, all the stress that has caused on my body, the constant pain medication, anesthetic and not being able to be as active, really took a toll on my body and system. I finally got to a stage where I was so unhappy in my own skin, not being able to fit into my clothes, you tend to just ignore your appearance because you do not like what you see when you look at yourself.

This was when I found Vimi at EazySlim. I enquired and went for an assessment and was shocked that my weight had climbed to 83,5kg. The heaviest I have ever been. That is when I made the final decision, it is now or never. I have been going for treatment and been following the diet since the end of Sept. I am currently in my first month of maintenance phase and my body has just been loving the changes and maintaining.

To date I have lost 9,3kg. I still have about another 10kg to go to reach my goal weight but I am certain I will get there in no time. The treatments have not just aided in my weightloss but also started easing the severe nerve pain I suffer with as a result of the spine surgeries. Following the diet and cutting out certain foods has not been easy at all. Especially when the people around you, your work colleagues, your family, friends, are all eating your “once” favourites, like those toasted sandwiches, pizza’s, cakes and sweet things, even just the sound of a coke can being opened. The longer you stick to your diet, the easier it gets to shut all those things out.

My sugar craving has just about disappeared, and if I do have a little craving, I snack on an apple instead. Going from eating what was convenient and quick and maybe 2 meals a day, to preparing my meals for the day and eating at least 6 times a day. I am eating better, more constant and everything of the right foods and the right quantities. Not only have I seen my weight drop and felt the difference in the clothes I wear, my skin has cleared up with no breakouts, my nerve pain has eased significantly and I do not suffer with inflammation pain in my nerves and joints, I am sleeping better and not waking up tired, I have continuous energy throughout the day.

This whole experience has been life changing in so many ways. I am so grateful I found Vimi and her team when I did. You feel like part of the family when you go there and they really make you feel welcome. You constantly have support and guidance and motivation. This lifestyle change has not been easy, get your good days and your bad days, but it has been the best decision I have made in a very long time. It is worth it. I am worth it and owe it to myself.

Control Appetite and Sweet Cravings

Control Appetite & Sweet Cravings

Limit added sugar and high-calorie beverages.


Consuming too much added sugar is linked to excess weight that’s likely to store around your waist. Sugar-sweetened beverages and drinking too much fruit juice can also be harmful
Reduce sweet food cravings and appetite.

Eazy Slim have effective appetite controls and offers you delicious alternatives to high sugar diets.

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Balance Hormones for Belly Fat Reduction

Stress Cortisol and Increased Fat

When you are feeling stressed out, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol into your bloodstream. This can lead to weight gain.
There is a strong link between increased in cortisol and higher amounts of visceral fat.

Learn How Eazy Slim Can help you De Stress and Balance Hormones Naturally

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