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If you struggle to lose weight, despite dieting and exercise, you are likely to have an imbalance in metabolism hormones causing weight gain. The revolutionary Eazy Slim Kinesiology for Weight Loss Plan can be the solution to bring you fast weight loss results.

Hormone Balance with Eazy Slim


Struggling to lose weight no matter how hard you try? You may have a “Sub clinical Health Syndrome or sub clinical imbalance in Hormones causing weight gain. This means the the Syndrome is present at the “Sub-clinical level but conventional blood tests indicate a negative result due to the syndrome’s presence being too low for a positive clinical result. Eazy Slim Kinesiology For Weight Loss programme can be the solution by quickly pin pointing the reasons you struggle to lose weight.

The latest in slimming fat loss injection technology is designed to break down abnormal and stubborn hard fat layers. Our slimming injections with fat break down ingredients are 100% Natural, safe and trusted.

Eazy Slim Kinesiology for Weight Loss looks to assess the underlying Hormones Causing Weight Gain :-

Hormones and are critical not only to metabolic processes but also for health and wellness. These hormones work together to control the quality and the rate of the metabolism and overall wellness.

Hormone Balance

With Eazy Slim



Slow Metabolism Causing Weight Gain? Eazy Slim Kinesiology For Weight Loss programme can be the solution. Slow metabolic rates is considered one of the primary reasons women over 35 struggle with weight gain. Eazy Slim Kinesiology for Weight Loss can quickly pin point the reasons you struggle to lose weight.

Slow Metabolic Rates can cause weight gain. It is a condition in which your main metabolism gland doesn’t produce enough of certain crucial hormones. Slow Metabolic Hormones may not cause noticeable symptoms in the early stages. Over time, when untreated, they  can cause a number of health problems, such as obesity, joint pain, infertility and heart disease.

Blood tests include tests for slow metabolic function include TSH, T3 & T4 tests. But many women still struggle with weight loss even though their blood tests show that they are within the normal range for these tests. Eazy Slim Kinesiology for Weight Loss for  will:-

find balance & wellness

with eazyslim


Eazy Slim Kinesiology for Weight Loss will assess Typical Sub-clinical Health Syndromes and Hormones causing weight gain. These include:

Eazy Slim clients have had remarkable results in hormone balance and wellness for fast weight loss results. Our natural supplements will enhance and support the function of the critical hormones for weight loss, increase metabolism, while also giving you increased energy for fast weight loss.


The body produces three hormones T3, T4 and calcitonin that play a significant role in your metabolism, growth, and maturation of the body. It is essential for regulating chemical processes that turn food into energy. Optimum metabolic functions are the key to weight loss. Blood testing not giving you answers? Book a Kinesiology Weight Loss assessment


Leptin is a very powerful and influential hormone produced by fat cells. It sends signals to your brain, indicating that you have adequate amounts of food in your stomach and your energy levels are sufficient. This maintains the internal energy balance needed for necessary cellular function and plays a primary role in weight management. Balancing leptin hormone can assist with weight loss.


Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the body that regulates metabolism and blood pressure. It also plays a major role in the stress response, and has become known as “the stress hormone.” Since the role of cortisol during stress is to provide energy for the body, the result can be an increase in appetite. Increased cortisol levels can trigger one to eat, which can cause weight gain.


Ghrelin is regarded as the only appetite-stimulating hormone in humans. It is one of the main contributors in giving people the “munchies” to eat unhealthy snacks. Ghrelin is also released directly in response to stressful situations, explaining why so many people have the tendency to eat when they’re stressed.



Adrenaline is essentially the “survival” hormone that every human being has at their disposal. Adrenaline stimulates the fat cells to release leptins. One of the functions of adrenaline is to break down fat stores and burn them while also facilitating weight loss.



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