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SLow Thyroid

Slow thyroid can play havoc with your metabolism. Thyroid hormones play an essential role in body weight control, by regulating energy expenditure. “Slow thyroid” can cause weight gain, dry falling hair, feeling tired and depressed, dry and itchy skin, higher cholesterol levels, feeling cold, muscle pain and weakness, etc.

Hormones Causing Hot Flushes

Eazy Slim brings you Kinesiology for Weight Loss. Balance thyroid hormones and start your weight loss journey. Eazy Slim are complementary health leaders in thyroid health for weight loss. Lose stubborn fat in hard to lose places first. Target belly fat double chin, and love handles with Kinesiology For Weight Loss.

Our unique programme uses the modality of Kinesiology to establish if you have a Subclinical Health Syndrome which is preventing you from losing weight. Kinesiology for Weight Loss can be the answer to your slow thyroid weight loss challenges.

Why is this important for thyroid health?

While there are clinical tests for TSH, T3 and T4, there are currently no tests for TRH (thyroid releasing hormone). It is also important to assess Leptin hormone for appetite control. There are currently no tests for Leptin. Contact us for more hormone health info.

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